Native American Turquoise Rings

About Native American Turquoise Rings

Native American Turquoise rings are a common part of any American Indian jewelry. The cultures of those living in southwestern states often use Native American Turquoise rings and other piece of jewelry as part of their tribal jewelry today. Some of the Turquoise rings created during times before the World War II are very valuable and highly collectible. These rings have one of the most valuable semi-precious gems in them and it is highly collectible.

History of Native American Turquoise Rings

Turquoise was first discovered around 200 B.C. in Arizona and the Turquoise rings in this area soon followed. While this is the first Turquoise findings documented in America, Mexico can trace this gem back to 600 B.C.

Native American Turquoise rings are said to have first been made in the 1800’s. It was when the Spaniards came to this land and began making jewelry, including Native American Turquoise rings, that their worth was recognized. They would barter with the Native American Turquoise rings for horses and other items of need.

Trading their Native American Turquoise rings was done with ease as they were highly desirable. There were various styles and significant decorative touches on the Native American Turquoise rings that made them a highly desirable.

The early Native American Turquoise rings would incorporate tribal signs and symbols but were almost always made of pure sterling silver. Metals were rare in early days and that made creations of Native American Turquoise rings more difficult. The earlier Native American Turquoise rings were woven and no metals were used. It was archeologists that thought using metals like gold and silver would be a good option in creating the Native American Turquoise rings. It was the native people of Mexico that first started using metals to create their Turquoise rings.

Because of the value of these rings, they were known to bring a fair value in trade. During the days of War, specifically World War II, times were tough and many sought to sell their Native American Turquoise rings. During these times people who lived on the reservations didn’t have money to make new Native American Turquoise rings and they often would sell off all they had to make ends meet. Indians would make less than $300 for the entire year and any precious items, like the Native American Turquoise rings, had to be sold.

Because making Turquoise rings were out of the question due to cost during this time, petrified wood was used as an alternative. Those who continued to make jewelry, like the Native American Turquoise rings, had to use hammers to flake off the wood and polish it like a stone. Various oils and even wood ash was used to make the polishing of the finished product look amazing. Though it was not the Native American Turquoise rings they were used to, it was a good second in tough economic times.

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